Overwatch [English и Русская Версия]

[3D Anime] Overwatch [English и Русская Версия]

Overwatch [English и Русская Версия]

Поле битвы — весь мир!
Сохраните тайны древнего храма Анубиса в Египте, провезите устройство ЭМИ через Кингс Роу в Лондоне, пройдите с боем через все ключевые места на планете! Каждое поле боя пропитано своей, ни на что не похожей атмосферой и предлагает уникальный игровой процесс, связанный с выполнением командных задач.

Overwatch [English и Русская Версия]

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Bitch Dancer's Quest

[Hentai RPG] Bitch Dancer's Quest

Bitch Dancer's Quest

Release : Feb/15/2014

Bitch Dancer's QuestBitch Dancer's QuestBitch Dancer's Quest
Bitch Dancer's QuestBitch Dancer's Quest

Have you heard of the legendary power of the Seven Balls?
Combine the power of these 7 rare orbs to grant three wishes.
Anything is possible.

---An adventurer may wish for worldwide fame.
---A rich man may wish for eternal youth.
---A merchant may wish to control all money.

But what about me? I am, after all, on a quest to collect the Seven Balls.

My name is Yuina Bardeau.
I'm only 1X years old, but I developed fast.
My p*ssy is the best p*ssy around, they say!

I love sex! Nothing makes me feel more alive than an orgasm.
Humans, monsters, antyhing with a c*ck I will screw.
You may think that's enough, but it's not enough.
So you can maybe guess what my wishes would be.

I gotta have those balls.

* Fully voiced characters
As always, heroines are fully voiced,
and some conversations with villagers too.

* Prostitution system
Hook up with customers to feel good... and get money of course.

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The Irrationally Tragic Rape of Elf Marie

[Hentai RPG] The Irrationally Tragic Rape of Elf Marie

The Irrationally Tragic Rape of Elf Marie

Release : Oct/02/2014

The Irrationally Tragic Rape of Elf MarieThe Irrationally Tragic Rape of Elf MarieThe Irrationally Tragic Rape of Elf Marie The Irrationally Tragic Rape of Elf MarieThe Irrationally Tragic Rape of Elf MarieThe Irrationally Tragic Rape of Elf Marie

* New Game Plus
Keep your level, items and money on a second playthrough.
New Game Plus is a bigger, better experience with new elements beyond the first town.
Definitely check it out.

* Plot Summary
Humans and Elves lived together in the kingdom of Karmabuttel---

Long ago this was a land of Elves only but,
the humans rose and killed a great many Elves.

Staking a claim on the kingdom, the humans allowed
Elves to continue living in Karmabuttel, as slaves.

One hundred years later.

The Elves are deeply oppressed.
They cannot own property. They must obey human instruction.
They are a sad species condemned to a life of exploitation.

For the beautiful Elf named Marie, it's no different.
Since birth she's been violated, abused and discriminated against.
For the the last year she's been in Elmport, a sea town
where she meets a tender young boy named Uno.

Uno had an unknown illness that meant he would die soon.
Marie was no friend to humans, but she wanted to help Uno so she
stayed in Elmport to look after him.

One day, returning to town after a day working for the Guild,
Marie finds Uno's father speaking to the Guildmaster.
It seems that a cure has been found for Uno, but it requires 4 amulets
scattered around the world.

Marie decides to quest for these amulets to save Uno.

* Cast
Marie (CV: Rutolo Nanagi)

* Staff
Planning and scenario by Hide Kutake
Character art by Taro
Animation by Noa
Production and support by Ichigo

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RPG - Roshutsu Playing Game

[Hentai RPG] RPG - Roshutsu Playing Game

RPG - Roshutsu Playing Game

Release : Sep/30/2014

RPG - Roshutsu Playing GameRPG - Roshutsu Playing GameRPG - Roshutsu Playing Game

An erotic roleplaying game about public exposure.

Mie likes to be naked,
but she's also kind of shy.
Help her discover the joys of exhibition.

"Roshutsu" is "exposure" in Japanese.
RPG - Roshutsu Playing Game is an adult-oriented RPG,
but please note there is no sex or intercourse.

* Requires RPG Tkool VX ACe RTP (free):

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ペロペロサイミン 神咲詩織

[Japan Porno] ペロペロサイミン 神咲詩織

ペロペロサイミン 神咲詩織

Release : Oct/01/2014




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One morning when I woke up, I found out both of my hands had turned into machine vibrators.
I covered my arms to hide this from other people, but Misa from the public morals department took offense at this and called me to see her. I asked her to let me off the hook, but she wouldn't listen.
In order to silence her, I brought the full power of my machine vibrators to bear!

This is a thorough erotic lineup centering on a machine vibrator.
Three beautiful ladies as well as a teacher in health preservation are shown in extreme obscenity.

The quality of the graphics, the animation and the erotic quality of the content are all improved over the previous product, "Gokuugo".
Features a "Highlighted scene" function to view animation in slow motion.
Also features additional scenes of enraptured facial expressions and body bending.

Flash application (.exe)/ No installation is required / Animation file (.SWF) can be played individually
Display: 960*800 (Animation: 960*720)/ Animation: 106 / Fully-voiced (acted by ChuChu)

With higher resolution image collection (100 images in JPEG/With motion-blurring OFF)

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悪徳都市 虜囚の女賞金稼ぎ

[Hentai RPG] 悪徳都市 虜囚の女賞金稼ぎ

悪徳都市 虜囚の女賞金稼ぎ

Release : Nov/01/2012

悪徳都市 虜囚の女賞金稼ぎ悪徳都市 虜囚の女賞金稼ぎ悪徳都市 虜囚の女賞金稼ぎ






●声の出演 犬飼あお 霜月優

●CG枚数 基本16枚+差分多数 立ち絵バリエーション有




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