[H-GAME] Jet Black Lunaria -Dog-eared Lolita Trapped in the Lusthouse-

[H-GAME] Jet Black Lunaria -Dog-eared Lolita Trapped in the Lusthouse-

The young girl stood naked in the center of the mansion. Her name was Lunaria.
Lunaria was conjured by her alchemist father. She was a vessel for the resurrection of his true daughter.
As a vessel, a clone, she was created and experimented on over and over again.
Progress was coming along. Out of 46 scattered magical crystals 30 had been successful retrieved.
It was just a matter of refining the process now.
In the room with the young girl a grotesque swarm of homunculus paced.
They were failed experiments, but also contained traces of each past Lunaria.
They were clone-eaters. An abomination that made the process possible.
For Lunaria to be resurrected, each clone was conjured and fed to the homunculus.
When all was eaten, true Lunaria would be reborn.
With this in mind, the alchemist commanded:

"Obliterate the chastity of this one."

Lunaria was overrun by a procession of lovers, imps and golems until her soul was ruined.
Monster sex, tentacles, eggspawn, filthy spirit and body... etc. Hardcore assault, the stains of a bishoujo.
Can all this inhumanity be worth it? Is there magic enough to resurrect Lunaria?

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