Majiresu!! ~ Omatase Little Wing ~

[H-GAME] Majiresu!! ~ Omatase Little Wing ~

Majiresu!! ~ Omatase Little Wing ~

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Majiresu!! ~ Omatase Little Wing ~ Majiresu!! ~ Omatase Little Wing ~ Majiresu!! ~ Omatase Little Wing ~

"Coach of Little wing ..hope of you becoming coach.."

One large food service industry that extends to the world and family restaurant and alias family restaurant. World family restaurant society (WFL) held world family restaurant stadium (WFS) for the advancement development of the technology and service. WFS became even a rally like relations of an active restaurant in the rally in these 20 years to the tourism revenue in the country that had an of course thing and the store that exactly put prestige in the country.

Having won the championship in a French former rally is a Japan selection team to which I lead the elder brother and Hongo height Ichiro. After the rally, the elder brother married the waitress and the Fcaa shine that had been called 'Angel's light' of the Japan selection to have boasted of full popularity at that time.

?? 「It is necessary to coach Tatsu. It : and no I of a tidy coach ……. 」

I was said so in the shape caught off guard by the sister-in-law's Mr. shone. The elder brother away from Japan ..inside on one's way back to Japan.. died in an accident as a special envoy in the request of WFL. After that, a Little wing that keeps being sluggish. Mr. shine has asked when it wants me to coach it to improve the situation. The occupation of coach recalled the dying elder brother and was painful for me. Therefore, I cut off Mr. shone offer.

Mr. shine who is the coach has fallen immediately after the end of first-half game the second town friendship FS rally day. Little wing that abstention is done through necessity.

"Tacatirou is ..permission.. ! ..the defeat without fighting... "

The elder brother … It is not permitted to run away. Mr. shone kept thinking without running away from the elder brother's death. I was dashing out to nature and the field.

「I am Cortitsu of the Little wing. ??Hongo Taketarou. 」

The challenge of Hongo Taketarou starts from me now.

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