Nurujiru 2 (ぬる汁通) {Movie + Voice}

Nurujiru 2 (ぬる汁通) {Movie + Voice}

Nurujiru 2 (ぬる汁通) {Movie + Voice}

* This is the fifth animated product, and it is the sequel to the very first one, Nurujiru!
The romance is more powerful than ever, and the sex is frantic and intense!
* The event visuals have been fully animated with AfterEffects!
Animating at 30 frames per second, the scenes move even more lecherously and violently than in the previous product.
Includes cross-section view animations.

* Comes with an original play list.
You can have your favorite music with any scene you wish.

* Since it's about a school girl, this product allows for a variety of costume play.

* Of course the heroine is fully voiced!


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