[Hentai RPG] 三枚のおふだR まほろばの十二妖女

[Hentai RPG] 三枚のおふだR まほろばの十二妖女








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Pact of Exhibition [Touching & Exhibition RPG]

Pact of Exhibition [Touching & Exhibition RPG]

Freedom of exhibiting around the town and touching her!!
To strip her off? Or to touch her? You can do whatever with mouse control!!
Retrieve energy (semen) while touching can be done anytime you want!!

* Prologue
A devilish succubus "Liam" descended on the protagonist Yuuichi!!
Liam has made a pact with Yuuichi but later it turns out that Yuuichi
is such a pervert who gets turned on towards nothing but exhibitionism!!
But her purpose to retrieve energy (semen) must be attained so that
Liam unwillingly starts doing exhibitionism plays.
However, she gradually gets into exhibitionism......

* Strip and touch her freely with a mouse!!
- Touch: Click to touch Liam's body
- Grope: Long click to grope Liam's body
- Slap: Push mouse wheel to slap Liam's body
- Move: Drag slowly to put her handbra aside, lift clothes up etc.
- Strip: Right click to put clothes off.

* Main event scenes are animated!!
Animated events happen upon sufficient "sexual training level" and "amount of energy"!!

* Touching feature in some sub-events
Some of the sub-events located around the town employ touching features!

* Affection level and excitement level

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[FLASH] Pleasure Unlimited

[FLASH] Pleasure Unlimited

"Pleasure Unlimited" is the game for you if you love the following!
- Love pixel-art erotica
- Love futanari girls
- Love meganekko (girls with glasses)
- Love tentacles very much!!

* Overview

It was all of a sudden that a glasses girl Riko-chan somehow became a futanari magical girl.
To elucidate how the mysterious magic works, her research project on semen which is
the source of the energy begins! Thanks to her nearly infinite magical semen tank,
she endures hundreds of orgasms every day! Her sloppy futanari c*ck and
p*ssy that is well moistened with erotic fluid are for your violating pleasure!

Lubricious & drippy tentacles rubbing her d*ck, brush-type tentacles,
hardcore hell-of-cum tentacles specialized in electric shock...
A vast array of violation tools available for you!

* Features
- First in "eryngii toro salmon" works! Contains moan voices!
- In the synergy with newly employed SFX, there is a drastic improvement in the auditory fappability!

Set tentacles on Riko-chan to make her splooge-splooge!
Various tentacles are to be unlocked upon repeated orgasms!
Thrust her down to the hell of cum with your original combinations!

A simple & easy simulator game that feels like classic ero flash games!

By all means, please try the demo version (and confirm the system compatibility)!

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