OSSAN the WIZARD - Activity Log vol. 1

OSSAN the WIZARD - Activity Log vol. 1

Placed before this 'ossan', all women believe whatever he says to them.
If he said "you love only me." to a stranger married woman, she does.
If he said "you are my cumdump." to a stranger virgin, she is.

This time a schoolgirl he targeted tuned out to be in a relationship, already deflowered.
This fact solely evoked his anger, resulting in hardcore violation...

Contains: kiss / foreplay / irrumatio / creampie sex / oral cumshot / semen topping /
outdoor exhibition / sex toy / outdoor sex / double penetration / threesome sex etc.

1600x1000 image resolution
33 base CGs / 291 total incl. variations
+ Text-free version
+ 5 page bonus
459 grand total

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